Hi, hello!

Welcome to my “about” section, which (in its fourteenth incarnation?!) feels incredibly solid. The first few stabs were pretty rough, not gonna lie. The fourth or fifth? Markedly worse. Six through ten were total trash. Like, really awful. Then? A bunch of stuff went down I can't even talk about right now. After that? Then, out of nowhere (BLAM!) it came together.

And yes, specifically for you! Suffice it to say? You’re welcome.

However, the important thing to remember is I am a writer, and should you want to hire me, my name is Travis. Now, had I been born into a wealthy merchant family? We'd both be doing something else. Real talk? You might be getting a haircut. Hangin’ with friends. Who knows! Maybe nom-noming a munch of snack, perhaps? Like I said, who cares. I, of course, would be dripping in jewels! Planning murders. Bitching about a certain wealthy merchant family (catch my drift?!) hoarding lots and lots of totally-soon-to-be-stolen jewels. 

Now, since none of that is true (and even if it was!) I say look—we’re already here, right? Why not make the most of it?!

In conclusion, I think this went great.

If you feel exactly the same (or maybe even the opposite!) and would like to get in touch (etc.) on business matters (or otherwise!), absolutely feel free to drop me a line.