SatireNovember 2020

LONDON–Speaking with one eye visible, it described the encounter in great detail (somehow!) and readily admits to punching “that boat realtor Stacy in the arm” over the price...

TelevisionNovember 2019

Life-coaching white-privileged ladies-who-lunch began as a side-hustle for an eccentric mother of two, but when her aggressive brand of “Degradation-Empowerment” somehow gets results, she’s in danger of becoming an overnight success. Co-written by Nicole Bjelica

Item!Weekly Current Affairs

Welp! Ya made it. Another piece of w%$k in the trash. Life’s trash!* And if you’re reading this (I guess?) you survived. So why not treat yourself to the following nonsense, each and (almost) every Friday...

SatireDecember 2020

BRENTWOOD, CA ↦ When it comes to “looking fly, how it went” and “when the fuck it all went down,” this natty nonagenarian “het” Clive “Bee Trap” Davis was always in on the latest trends...

SatireLiterary Works of Staggering Consequence

“Just think, if Sean Spicer had zero business ‘talking’ then just imagine his brains getting shotgunned across each and every page.” — Jennifer Beth Dickerson • MADEMOISELLE MAGAZINE